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GNSS and Iridium repeaters and distribution systems

Foxcom is pleased to announce the launch of its compact coax-based Iridium repeater system. The compact coax kit is the latest in Foxcom’s highly-successful range of Iridium and GPS repeaters.


Iridium satellite telephones are used all over the world. They generally can’t operate indoors, because the structure of the building blocks the ingress and egress of the signal. When it isn’t practical or safe to leave the building to make a call, a repeater system overcomes this barrier.


GPS L1 and GLONASS signals are also passed through the repeater to the interior space. This means that satellite navigation devices will always receive a signal when indoors, eliminating any satellite acquisition delay when leaving the building.


Foxcom’s latest coax-based Iridium repeater can be used when the distance from outdoor to indoor antennas is short. For example, when used in an aircraft hangar the ODU and IDU may be just a few meters apart. The cost of the coax-based kit is significantly lower than that of the optical version.


The new coaxial repeater system merges the ODU and IDU into one combined unit removing the optical fiber interfaces. The single IP65 repeater unit is roof-mounted and comes as a kit with antenna set and the required cabling.


Iridium repeaters are used in a wide range of situations, including underground civil defense/military bunkers, oil rigs/ships, large buildings and any other underground facilities.


Also available are GNSS distribution systems for tunnels and Data centers


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